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Hiring In Unstable Conditions: What You Should Know

Hiring new talent in unsettled, turbulent times can be messy for many recruiters and hiring managers. People are still interested in finding new jobs or making new business connections when the economy is turbulent, but they aren’t sure if they want to take the leap and join a new company. The pressure is on! Even…
09 January 2023

10 Tips To Get More Qualified Applicants in 2023

If you want to hire someone new, you know that the process starts a long time before the initial job posting, and it can take a long time to find the right person. Many recruiters and HR leaders have been vocal about the sheer number of applicants they are getting to their jobs, but there’s…
08 November 2022

Offer Letter 101: How To Write Better Employment Offer Letters

You’ve done the work to find the resumes for your ideal candidates, interviewed them using a hiring team, scored them based on your company culture, and now you need to do your final task: writing an offer letter. When you find the person you want to bring into your company, writing a perfect offer letter…
16 September 2022

How to Get a Human Resources (HR) Job

Every business with employees has human resources responsibilities. Insurance, time off and other benefits must be provided to the staff. Company policies and standards have to be clearly outlined. New employees must be recruited, hired and onboarded. And all along, there are numerous employment laws to comply with. The business owner can handle these tasks…
27 July 2018

Secondary Employment Benefits Your Company Should Consider Offering

It used to be that people cared about one thing in a job – money. Job seekers would go to interviews and try to secure the highest possible salary. That meant if a company was set on a talented candidate, they would have to outbid everyone else if they hoped to make the hire. Make…
12 March 2018

Onboarding vs Preboarding: Different Ways to Welcome a New Employee

If you work in HR, you know how much goes into to adding a new employee to the team. After going through the hiring process – which is an endeavor in and of itself – you then have to welcome the new hire and tell them everything they need to know about working for your…
01 February 2018

Creating an Employee Handbook: What HR Policies to Include

Having a comprehensive employee handbook is a must for any company. Outlining every organizational policy provides your team members with answers to common questions and lets them know how they’re expected to act while at work. From the company’s perspective, an employee handbook prevents problems from occurring, ensures everyone is treated in a consistent manner,…
02 January 2018

The Structure of a Quality Job Description: What to Include and Why It's Important

When hiring, your job description is the first impression you make with a potential future employee. It should outline not only the skills and experience you seek but also provide a glimpse into your company and the specifics of the position. It should answer any questions a job seeker has and entice the right ones…
07 December 2017

The Different Types of Organizational Charts and Why Each is Important

While technology influences every corner of our lives, it also affects the modern work landscape, the way we structure our businesses, and even the teams within those organizations. If your business is growing so fast that it’s hard to keep track of new employees, roles are changing often, or you have a lot of people…
29 November 2017

New California Law Takes on the Gender Pay Gap

Last week, California became the latest state to make it illegal for hiring companies to ask about salary history in job interviews. The goal of the new law is to force companies to offer fair compensation and take on prevalent wage inequality. Under the new law, companies are no longer allowed to ask a candidate…
26 October 2017