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Recruiterbox is now Hire, part of the new Trakstar Trifecta alongside Learn and Perform

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Recruiterbox is now Trakstar Hire

We’re excited to announce that Recruiterbox is now rebranded to Trakstar Hire, connecting our deep applicant tracking tools and functionality to Trakstar’s integrated talent management platform. Now, more customers will have access to our industry leading applicant tracking tools and our current customers will gain seamless connectivity to the very best in online learning management…
11 June 2021

Interviewing for Culture Fit

Hiring for most jobs attracts plenty of candidates who are perfectly qualified for the role. However, only some of them are suited to work for your specific organization. And within that small handful is one who is an ideal fit for your culture.  Properly interviewing for culture fit is a challenge. It’s easy to ask…
17 July 2019

Conveying Company Culture in Job Descriptions

A job description first and foremost needs to outline what the job entails. After all, you need to attract people with the right skills and experience. But most organizations want to find candidates who are more than just qualified for the job. You should also strive to hire people who will be great additions to…
24 May 2019

The Qualities of a Successful Remote Employee

Welcome to the third and final article in our series on hiring remote employees. So far we’ve highlighted the business advantages of having a remote staff and provided some tips on interviewing candidates for remote jobs. Now it’s time to get into the nitty-gritty and break down all the qualities it takes to be successful…
03 January 2019

Tips for Interviewing and Hiring Remote Employees

We recently published an article on the business advantages of hiring a remote staff. Not only are there plenty of good reasons to let employees work from home. All indications point to remote work becoming far more common in the coming years so it makes sense for organizations to prepare for the transition sooner than…
26 December 2018

The Business Advantages of Hiring a Remote Staff

Not long ago, working remotely every once in a while was a nice job perk. If the weather was bad or an employee had a personal engagement, a reasonable manager would allow them to handle their duties at home. But times have changed and we’re now in the midst of a whole new “remote work”…
06 December 2018

How to Use Social Media to Show Off Your Company Culture

We’ve all seen it. The bland and lifeless corporate social media accounts that some companies maintain, some apparently out of pure spite. Scroll down, and you’ll find nothing but stock images and blog links, with the occasional press release or quarterly report retweet thrown in for “variety.” And when you go to look for engagement?…
05 October 2018

Beyond Salary: The Right Benefits and Perks for Attracting Talented Job Seekers

When a person sets out to find a new job, they often have a particular amount of money they hope to earn in mind. That’s why it’s so important to include compensation details in a job description. However, salary isn’t the end-all-be-all for many job seekers. Some people value other qualities in a job that…
18 January 2018

How to Manage Your Employer Brand on Glassdoor

The internet gives us an unprecedented opportunity to share information about anything, including experiences working for, or interviewing with particular companies. Prior to the internet age, people could only tell others about a positive or negative interaction with an employer through word of mouth. But with the emergence of social media, Glassdoor and other sites,…
29 August 2017

The Three Levels of Salary Transparency

  Even though it has become common for companies to attract top talent with unique employee perks, most people value a solid and fair salary the most. Everyone has bills to pay and financial goals in mind and the right compensation is more often than not the main reason they accept a new job or…
22 August 2017