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Hiring In Unstable Conditions: What You Should Know

Hiring new talent in unsettled, turbulent times can be messy for many recruiters and hiring managers. People are still interested in finding new jobs or making new business connections when the economy is turbulent, but they aren’t sure if they want to take the leap and join a new company. The pressure is on! Even…
09 January 2023

Breaking Down The Job Post: What People Are Looking For

Hiring someone is a bit like dating – both of you need to make a good first impression. For most companies, that first impression comes from the job post. Job boards, social media, career sites, and entire websites have sections devoted to rows and rows of open jobs. There, companies compete for the best talent…
23 November 2022

10 Tips To Get More Qualified Applicants in 2023

If you want to hire someone new, you know that the process starts a long time before the initial job posting, and it can take a long time to find the right person. Many recruiters and HR leaders have been vocal about the sheer number of applicants they are getting to their jobs, but there’s…
08 November 2022

Our Quick Guide to Job Boards: Where To Post

Once you’ve written a job description that will pull in ideal talent, you’ve gotten the go-ahead to post the opening, and you are ready to start collecting resumes – what do you do now? You can post your job openings in hundreds of places, but should you post them everywhere? The short answer is no;…
27 September 2022

How to Build A Killer Hiring Team

Are you looking to build a killer hiring team? Right now, finding top talent is difficult, so you need to have the best people surrounding you to get the job done. When you build a hiring team, you need to consider all the different types of people this position will impact.Remember that SHRM estimates the…
14 July 2022

7 Digital Recruitment Challenges (And How To Overcome Them)

Every day, it seems like the number of digital recruitment challenges climbs even higher. Human resources leaders, recruitment managers, and small and mid-size business owners are struggling to find good, reliable candidates.  Digital recruiting has opened up a new world of talent, but it has also made everything about digital recruitment harder. The problems you…
28 June 2022

Recruitment Analytics: What You Really Need To Know

Recruitment analytics are having a bit of a moment right now as everyone tries to navigate the great resignation and the turnover tsunami. Human resources leaders and recruiters are facing problems that they haven’t faced in quite some time: they have to do the courting and the chasing. For a long time, applicants and candidates…
14 June 2022

10 Things To Look For In Applicant Tracking Systems in 2022

Are you looking for applicant tracking systems? It’s a long, tedious process that many people will start and stop a few times before they find the right fit for their organization. An applicant tracking system, applicant tracker system, or ATS helps you see exactly where your applicants are within the hiring process. These programs provide…
10 May 2022

Training New Employees: Why The First 30 Days Are Key

So you’ve made your new hire and you’re extremely excited about the opportunities they bring with them – but what should you do now? Training new employees within the first 30 days of their employment is key to their success.  Ongoing efforts and training matter, but you want to set the precedent within these first…
11 February 2022

Trakstar Hire Features: Introducing Hiring Requests

You’re ready to expand your team and post a job opening for that critical role. But first you need sign-off from your department head, HR, and organizational leadership. Getting the thumbs-up before starting the hiring process is required in nearly every company but is too often a clunky process. With our new Hiring Request feature,…
01 September 2020