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How to Build A Killer Hiring Team

Are you looking to build a killer hiring team? Right now, finding top talent is difficult, so you need to have the best people surrounding you to get the job done. When you build a hiring team, you need to consider all the different types of people this position will impact.Remember that SHRM estimates the…
14 July 2022

Why Are Your Candidates Ghosting You?

Many HR leaders are reporting the same growing problem: candidates ghosting them on interviews. What is ghosting? It is when a candidate that showed promise doesn’t show up to interviews, won’t respond to emails, and then won’t answer the phone. Sometimes, this is for the first interview but even more perplexing is that sometimes it…
01 April 2022

Tips for Conducting Remote Job Interviews

Remote work is suddenly one of the most talked-about trends among professionals. Every day, people are sharing their work-from-home tips and another well-known company announces plans to expand its remote work policy.  However, COVID-19 has only accelerated a trend that was already on the rise. FlexJobs reports that the number of remote positions had increased…
15 June 2020

Interviewing for Culture Fit

Hiring for most jobs attracts plenty of candidates who are perfectly qualified for the role. However, only some of them are suited to work for your specific organization. And within that small handful is one who is an ideal fit for your culture.  Properly interviewing for culture fit is a challenge. It’s easy to ask…
17 July 2019

What are Pre-Employment Background Checks and Why are They Important?

Hiring a new employee is a big investment for a company. The hope is they’ll be with the organization for a long time and continuously deliver great work that positively impacts the business. Unfortunately, bad hires happen. The best-case scenario is you quickly realize your mistake and the person moves on before they can do…
18 July 2018

What Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg Want to Know Before Hiring You

Facebook is one of the world’s most visited websites and easily the most popular social network. That means there is a big company operating behind the scenes, made up of talented people like CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Jobs at Facebook are some of the most sought after in Silicon Valley and the overall technology industry. With…
22 February 2018

Building a Winning Interview Team: What Roles Should You Include?

Hiring a new employee will have a wide-reaching impact on your company. They not only accomplish a series of individual responsibilities but also work and interact with different people in and outside the company. A new hire first and foremost needs to carry out their primary tasks in order to help the team and company…
16 November 2017

Q&A Interview: How to Hire Great Customer Support Specialists

Matt Dale is the Support Team Coordinator for Illuminate Education. He was nice enough to share his thoughts on modern customer support and Illuminate Education’s process when hiring new support specialists. Can you provide an overview of Illuminate Education and how your support team operates? We’re a software-as-a-service provider for the K12 education market. School…
17 July 2017

Interviewing for Culture Fit: Questions for Common Company Values

When following a standard hiring process, you first and foremost make sure candidates have the required skills, experience and education for the role. But after you find a few people who fit the bill, you should then consider if they’ll gel with their team members and the company as a whole. Every interviewer needs to…
11 July 2017

Top 5 Personality Tests to Find the Right People for Your Company

While skills, qualifications and professional experience are important factors recruiters take into account when searching for candidates to fill a vacant position, a candidate’s personality can be just as essential. One of the most important elements that influence the hiring decision is whether a candidate is a good fit for the company’s culture. A candidate…
16 March 2017