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Erin Engstrom

Erin Engstrom is Recruiterbox’s outreach manager. Connect with her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Dress Codes: Do They Matter? [Infographic]

Corporate dress codes can enhance the public image of a business, as well as improve employee attitudes and sense of buy-in with their employer. They can also negatively impact morale and get businesses in trouble with labor laws. That’s why organizations need to be smart about whether to establish a dress code and what to…
03 August 2016

Transform the Way You Hire with PARE

Saul Colt is an award-winning marketer who has worked for brands like Ebay, Zipcar and the Just For Laughs comedy festival. He’s doing a webinar with us to discuss PARE, a hiring method used by thousands of organizations which was developed by Trakstar Hire co-founder Raj Sheth. You probably don’t know me but I assure you…
21 July 2016

Trakstar Hire Named Most User-Friendly Applicant Tracking Software

Business software reviews website Capterra recently released its inaugural list of the most user-friendly applicant tracking software. “We’re already specialized in recommending applicant tracking systems for businesses of all sizes, now we’re taking that expertise one step further with direct user-testing,” they wrote in announcing the list. Capterra has 216 applicant tracking systems in its database, and…
29 June 2016

How Glassdoor Changed the Hiring Landscape [Infographic]

Glassdoor is an employment job site that offers a host of features and options for prospective job seekers, as well as employers. This job site has more website traffic compared to other job sites like CareerBuilder, LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster. Glassdoor allows job seekers to read reviews left by other people about companies, their interview…
08 June 2016

3 Ways Facebook Recruits and Hires the Best Candidates

Facebook receives somewhere in the ballpark of 250,000 job applications each year. With so many applicants, narrowing down the candidate pool is no easy task. But Mark Zuckerberg’s litmus test is really pretty simple: “I will only hire someone to work directly for me if I would work for that person.” That’s what he told…
26 May 2016

Small Business, Big Opportunity: 5 Ways SMBs Can Recruit New College Grads

If you’re an employer looking to hire on new college graduates this commencement season, you’re in good company. According to a CareerBuilder survey, two-thirds of employers plan to hire from the class of 2016. That’s up two percentage points from last year and the best hiring outlook for new college grads in a decade. While…
13 May 2016

In a Recruiting Rut? Here are 4 Ways to Climb Out of It

Ruts, funks, dry spells, slow seasons… whatever you want to call them, they happen to the best of us. Maybe you’re going through a time of organizational change and it’s a tough adjustment. Maybe you lack access to resources you once had due to economic circumstances. Maybe there’s a family health crisis. Maybe the weather…
28 April 2016

3 HR Technology Integrations to Get Excited About

A few months ago, I met with a professional acquaintance of mine during happy hour. He’s in HR at a Denver-based technology company, and his organization had just implemented their first applicant tracking system – one that wasn’t Trakstar Hire. I asked him what the primary factor was in the decision to go with their…
21 April 2016

5 Steps to Make Hiring More Predictable (No Crystal Ball Needed)

Hiring a new employee can feel like a crapshoot sometimes – and indeed, for many companies, it kind of is. According to Equifax, more than 41 percent of employees who quit their job in the last year did so within the first six months. Another 16 percent quit between six and 11 months on the…
07 April 2016

8 Talent Management Strategies for Fast-Growing Companies

“For a startup, growing too quickly can produce just as spectacular a failure as growing too slowly,” observed New York Times technology writer Farhad Manjoo. Growing pains are inevitable for any company that’s scaling fast. You’re going to make some mistakes along the way – and that’s just fine. The key is how quickly you…
31 March 2016