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The Structure of a Quality Job Description: What to Include and Why It's Important

When hiring, your job description is the first impression you make with a potential future employee. It should outline not only the skills and experience you seek but also provide a glimpse into your company and the specifics of the position. It should answer any questions a job seeker has and entice the right ones…
07 December 2017

The Different Types of Organizational Charts and Why Each is Important

While technology influences every corner of our lives, it also affects the modern work landscape, the way we structure our businesses, and even the teams within those organizations. If your business is growing so fast that it’s hard to keep track of new employees, roles are changing often, or you have a lot of people…
29 November 2017

Recipe for Success: 5 Productivity Tools for Startups

Running a startup is a lot of work. It takes commitment, detailed planning and a great deal of time and effort. Since there’s so much to it, it’s important to use the right tools to accomplish each task correctly and on time. Any startup with a bright future should have a unique vision. However, there…
21 November 2017

Building a Winning Interview Team: What Roles Should You Include?

Hiring a new employee will have a wide-reaching impact on your company. They not only accomplish a series of individual responsibilities but also work and interact with different people in and outside the company. A new hire first and foremost needs to carry out their primary tasks in order to help the team and company…
16 November 2017

Poaching Employees: Is it Ethical to be Recruiting From Your Competitors?

Recruiting from Competitors… aka “Poaching” In recruiting terms, “poaching” is a dramatic way to say hiring current or former employees from a competitor or similar company. You have open roles that call for certain experience and knowledge and a person who already works in your industry likely has the attributes you’re looking for. However, many…
02 November 2017

New California Law Takes on the Gender Pay Gap

Last week, California became the latest state to make it illegal for hiring companies to ask about salary history in job interviews. The goal of the new law is to force companies to offer fair compensation and take on prevalent wage inequality. Under the new law, companies are no longer allowed to ask a candidate…
26 October 2017

How Retail Businesses Can Hire Great Sales Professionals

As the busy holiday shopping season approaches, retail businesses are gearing up for a hiring spree. However, it’s important to not just fill open sales positions but instead hire a person with the skills and traits for the job. Great sales professionals use their skillset to understand a customer’s need and guide them toward the…
19 October 2017

How to Use Facebook Jobs for Hiring

Successful hiring starts with getting your job openings in front of the right candidates. And Facebook is where many people around the world spend a significant amount of their online time. While Facebook hasn’t traditionally been used for hiring, the site now allows US and Canadian companies to post job openings and accept applicants. The…
12 October 2017

5 Signs Your Company Needs a New ATS

A solid Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is the hub for a successful hiring process. It connects with all your hiring sources so applicants automatically flow into the solution. It also allows hiring team members to easily accept interview requests and provide feedback on the candidates they meet with. However, those are only the primary features…
05 October 2017

How to Screen Candidates Using an Online Application

Filling your open roles in the fewest number of days possible ensures your business operations continue to run as usual and your recruiting team doesn’t fall behind on its long-term hiring plan. If your company gets a high volume of applicants, you likely know how tedious it can be to review them all. You have…
29 September 2017