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We’ve Moved! See Trakstar’s New San Fran Space

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As Trakstar continues to hire the best in tech and recruiting to match our business growth, we needed a bigger and better place to accommodate the size of our team. So, we moved into the SHARED building in San Francisco’s South Market. We’re excited about the change in location, and I don’t think we could have picked a better spot for our new office. The space is wonderful, the bike racks are great, and the view is beautiful!

The SHARED building was found and renovated with intent to let creatives work freely and give them the tools they need to do so. Founder Marilyn Yu and her team have turned the building into every creative worker’s dream.

The building offers 5,500 square feet of shared workspace, 1,700 square feet of private workspace, 15 foot-high ceilings, skylights, and is transit-accessible. Not to mention it’s filled with modern office perks such as Wi-fi, meeting and conference rooms, a lounge, a full kitchen, and even a kitchenette. It’s an expansive space packed with creative people with room to host events in the building.

We occupy the more private second floor of the building. While we won’t have to use the shared workspace, we’ll have plenty of room to expand our talent for the foreseeable future. We may have needed a few days to get fully settled in, but rest assured we were never fully out of commission. We didn’t stop producing the best in job descriptions, resume management, applicant tracking, and recruiting software you can find.

The building is located at 739 Bryant Street, San Francisco CA 94107. Stop in and visit!

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