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Registered Nurses: Know Them, Find Them

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Nursing is among the top 10 occupations with the largest job growth. That means employers and companies are looking for registered nurses. It’s one of the most created jobs on Indeed, and there are many, many schools now adding BS degrees in Nursing when previously there wasn’t a nursing program offered before. There is a demand for nurses and many believe there is a registered nurse shortage . Is there a shortage of registered nurses, and where can you find them?

First, let’s go over some general information about nurses. Registered nurses can practice independently, although they generally collaborate with all members of the healthcare team to provide the care needed for every individual patient. Nurses have quite a scope of work that is administrative, management, direct patient care, and can even include clinical research. Some nurses choose to specialize. There are numerous specializations, and now even more nurses are starting to specialize in order to have more options for career paths and help healthcare institutions decrease their costs.

The main types of nurses that are searched for in google are: registered nurse (RN) and nurse practitioner. A nurse practitioner (APRN or NP) has completed advanced coursework and clinical education beyond that required by a generalist registered nurse (RN). In addition to being qualified to diagnose medical conditions and prescribe medications, nurse practitioners may also teach, conduct research, and are active in patient advocacy.

Generally RN’s assist doctors and are involved in educating patients about conditions and treatment. A main difference between these two types of nurses is that to become a NP you need a Masters, whereas registered nurses can have either an Associates degree in nursing or a Bachelors of Science degree in nursing. You can learn more about the differences and job descriptions between these two types of nurses if that’s of interest to you or your institution. There are several various types of specializations available for RNs and NPs, so each credential has many options.

Moreover, nurses don’t only work in hospitals. Nurses can work in rehabilitation centers, schools, nurse community-run clinics, or even corporations where preventative care and wellness is an important focus. Although many nurses only look for jobs in hospitals and clinics, there are a variety of different types of institutions they can practice in. If you have a specialization, it may make sense for you to practice in an institution other than a hospital or clinic–something that makes more sense for your specialization. All in all, nursing is a solid career path that makes a difference in people’s lives and has many options for types of work.

So where can you find registered nurses and nurse practitioners? One option is to use a staffing company like Maxim Staffing Solutions or Nurse Finders , which is a site run by an AMN Healthcare company that helps employers find nurses. There is also Healthgrades that helps companies find registered nurses by city and state. These three main resources, along with posting the call for RNs or NPs on Indeed will help you find and hire some of the best registered nurses and nurse practitioners. For more hiring help and to make it easier to hire a registered nurse or a nurse practitioner, make sure your company knows what it’s looking for in a new nurse and what their specializations should be.

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