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Recruiterbox is now Hire, part of the new Trakstar Trifecta alongside Learn and Perform

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Online Recruitment Software

Online recruitment software is changing how people find and apply for job openings. To stay competitive, companies must streamline their recruitment process with an automated applicant tracking system and online recruitment software that allows them to attract and hire top talent. Check out a demo of Trakstar Hire to learn more about our online recruitment software offerings.

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An Easy-to-Use, Web-Based ATS Solution

Hire is a modern, easy-to-use, and web-based recruiting and hiring software. Now is the right time to implement a solution that helps HR departments, staffing agencies, or talent acquisition departments track job openings, manage resumes/applications, and track applicants through the interview and hiring process quickly and efficiently. Get rid of outdated, stand-alone HR systems that require endless hours of shuffling paperwork.

With so many HR applicant tracking systems out there, it is challenging to find the right recruiting software that will work for you. In your search, you may see free online recruitment software, but be wary of the pitfalls. Nothing is free for very long, before additional charges, hidden costs and upgrade fees start showing up.

Hire has no surprises. You get what you see, with no hidden costs. For one single annual fee, you have access to an all-inclusive online ATS and recruitment software that has the power to overhaul your entire hiring process. No more endless stacks of job applicant resumes, job applications, job descriptions, background checks, questionnaires, and more. Trakstar Hire collects the candidate’s information from different sources and automatically creates a candidate profile with all the pertinent data. This eliminates the time-consuming task of reviewing hundreds of resumes. All job seeker documents are then scanned for keywords or phrases, picking out the best candidates for interviews.

Reasons why you will love Hire and it’s software features:

  • Ability to customize your recruitment process, tailoring it from beginning to end
  • Web-based ATS, easy-to-use, with no downloads, installation or set-up fees
  • Career Site Management with mobile-friendly hosted career sites, customized application forms, and more
  • Post jobs once –  updates automatically change careers-pages, websites, job boards, search engine sites, and social media sites 
  • Resume Management – resume parsing extracts data from applicants documents and creates candidate profile, plus automated resume screening sorting by keywords or phrase
  • Applicant Tracking – know where each candidate is in the recruiting process
  • Recruitment Automation – auto archive, email templates, and notifications
  • Collaborative Recruiting – share notes/evaluations, delegate tasks at various stages of recruiting
  • Interview Scheduling with calendar integration
  • Reporting –  create and share EEO compliance reports, source reports, and HR reports
  • Classified Hiring Information
  • Enhance the candidate experience with a professional online recruitment software

Over 2000 companies trust Hire, and you can too. Sign up for your live demo today.

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Hire is the easiest to use system to streamline your hiring process. Discover customizable hiring workflows, automated steps and reminders, and reporting that highlights where you're finding top talent. Request a demo today and start hiring better.

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