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Make your Content Work for Your Business

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Setting up a website ends the importance of content for many beginners, small business owners and entrepreneurs. They fail to realize that content is the key to higher search engine ranking, higher traffic, higher engagement, in turn higher conversions. Without content, your business does not exist on the internet!

Here are some quickies to help you make your content work for you:

Web Content

Ensure your website content has enough keywords so that your targeted visitors can find you on search engines. There are various keyword tools available online like Google Keyword tool.

While it is a must to add keywords, it is also important to keep it readable. Keep the language simple. Use shorter sentences and paragraphs. Use bullet points wherever possible. Highlight what’s in it for your visitors (features and benefits). Tell them why they should trust you and provide proof (case studies/testimonials).


Having a blog is a must for any business now. With a blog, you can add a human touch to the way you interact with your audience. Use conversational language. Ensure you sound genuine. If there is meat in what you put on your blog, a stable readership is sure to follow you soon.

Use the blog to share ideas, tips, videos, pictures, info-graphics, or your experiences. You can also offer technical support if you get queries. Ask eminent speakers from your industry to guest blog to add some sparkle. Connect your blog with other social platforms like Twitter or Facebook to make it interesting.

Success Stories

Commonly known as case studies can help you showcase your work in a better manner. The actual purpose of a case study is to describe the problem and explain how you successfully resolved it. That’s why they are now known as ‘Success Stories”

You can look around for different case study templates available online. The simplest format for a case study goes like this:

The Client > The Problem > The Solution > The Result

If you want to use your creative bone, go by the way of storytelling to make it interesting. Stick to actual facts and keep it short.

Social Media

Share content through Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. Here, you need to keep your content really crisp. It is a real challenge to convey your thoughts in 140 characters while you are used to writing pages of content. This way you leave out the bells and whistles, and write only what is really important. Check other Facebook pages or read expert opinions to keep up with the latest content sharing trends.

All Writing and No Reading makes Jill a dull girl

Get into the habit of reading. Go through online magazines, blogs, and other content sharing sites to understand what has worked for them. If something interests you, try to follow that content strategy in your writing. Keep your content fresh and simple. If you are a small business, looking to set up a business, these simple tips can help you.

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