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HR Roundup: Week of July 17

In More Posts... — by Erin Engstrom

recruiterbox hr roundup 3 Keys to Hiring the Right People
Recruitment isn’t just something to consider when you’re ready to hire. You need to constantly be building your employer brand and staying on top of recruiting and hiring trends–and this is especially important for small businesses and startups. In order to attract quality candidates when you’re actually in a position to bring them on, you need to create to-the-point job descriptions (seriously, dump terms like “ninja” and “rock star”), focus on skills like communication and reliability, and manage your company profiles on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed.
Source: Dana Manciagli ( @DanaManciagli )/American City Business Journals

Treat Recruitment Like You Treat Your Sales: Build a Talent Funnel
Senior executives talked about HR practices that work–and don’t work–at a roundtable discussion at Brainstorm Tech in Aspen. It can be expensive to hire mid- and senior-level talent, but investing properly in your entry-level employees can be a cost-effective solution when you’re looking to fill those roles. Some companies, like Evernote, are also scaling back on some unique benefits in favor of new offerings.
Source: Stacey Higginbotham ( @gigastacey )/Fortune

Four Tips for Hiring Contingent Workers
Employers are increasingly hiring seasonal, temporary and contract employees. The hiring processes for these employees still need to be as rigorous as those you use for your full-time workforce. Screen properly, use a recruiter for sourcing, provide detailed job descriptions and make sure candidates are good culture fits.
Source: Hilliary Comeau ( @HilliaryAComeau )/Genesis HR Solutions blog

Employers are Losing More Candidates as Time-to-Fill Continues to Grow
Between a shrinking unemployment rate and a contracting workforce, it’s taking employers longer to fill positions–hiring times are nearly twice as long today as they were just five years ago. Most recruiters agree that it’s a candidate’s market. Candidates are increasingly rejecting offers because they’ve received another one or are holding out for a higher salary. It goes without saying that the more layers of screening you use, the longer your hiring times will be.
Source: John Zappe/ERE Recruiting Intelligence blog

How to Build a Leading Candidate Experience Without Replacing Your ATS
Sometimes companies experience a disconnect between the requirements of their careers site and the functionalities of their ATS software. But there’s an emerging field of candidate experience software that can integrate with your site and existing software, and help bridge this gap. Among their capabilities are job alerts, search engine optimized requisitions and the integration of social network referrals.
Source: Mike Roberts ( @mp_roberts )/TalentCulture

Revising Your Interview Style: Tips for Asking Good Questions
After interviewing candidates, it’s all too common for recruiters and hiring managers to come away feeling like they didn’t really get the information they needed to make a decision. Plan ahead for the interview–take another look at the job description, review the resume and application, and develop a set of questions. Make sure those questions are open-ended–yes/no questions won’t give you enough information. Scenario questions are great because they shed light on a candidate’s thought process; because the candidate can’t prepare for these questions in advance, they need to think on their feet.
Source: Stephanie Hammerwold ( @HRHammer )/Blogging4Jobs

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